👋Intro to Blue

😣 All growing teams run into the usual problems: 

Long email threads, group chats, and files spread around everywhere. 

Blue solves just these problems and gives you one place for everything. 😇

Blue is a simple-to-use online project management and team collaboration software meant to replace a whole bunch of other tools you're using.

Communicating better, together. 

Ineffective communication has always been the one issue organizations face.

In Blue, we understand what it's like to have scattered information and not knowing what other teammates are up to. So we created a tool that keeps only one version of the truth, that is transparent to everyone so we can work collaboratively together. 

Here's a few key tools that allow you to get the most out of Blue:

  • Todo 
  • Discussion
  • File Management
  • Board
  • Calendars

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