😀Setting Up a Company

Ok, awesome! You've decided to set up your company on Blue to improve your collaboration. This page will show you exactly how to do that! 😁

What to know before getting started

  • When you create a company on Blue, you’ll become the Company Owner.
  • If you're using Blue at your workplace, it's best to use your work email when signing up for Blue and creating the company. 

Step 1: Sign Up to Blue

If you aren't already signed into Blue, you will have to do so the moment you open the application.

When Signing up 

Since Dots don't matter in Gmail addresses, Blue just ignores those dots to keep your account unique.

For example [email protected]

Blue will remove your "." and will show as [email protected]

The mails you receive from Blue will go straight to your Gmail account so don't worry about your mails go to other people's accounts, you own all dotted versions of your address. If you would like to read more on this please refer to GmailHelp

Step 2: Create a Company

Write Company Name

It's important that you spell your company name correctly and capitalize it when necessary.  

Create Company URL 

Create your company URL by defining its last word. For example, if you write "hello" in the URL, Blue's URL would be https://app.blue.cc/company/hellow

Once you've clicked to create your company, Blue will lead you to the stripe checkout to enter your card details.

Step 3: Card Detail Verification 

Why do we verify cards?

We allow free trials only to organizations with verified card details. This allows us to provide free trials without worrying about spam and illegal behavior — so we spend more time focusing on making the best possible product.

We will only charge you after 14 days and you'll receive multiple email reminders to help you decide whether you would like to continue the subscription. If you're still unsure about Blue, you can always book a free support call with our Blue team. 

We also offer a 30 days refund if it is passed the 14 days and you decide that Blue isn't the right fit for you yet. 

🛠 Company Setting 

If you're still on trial in the company setting, under billing you will also be able to see how long you can use Blue! 

Step 4: Create Projects and Invite Your Team

You can create as many projects as you want within a company, as long as it serves a specific purpose for you. Some users create projects in Blue for different teams or departments, some create a project for each client.

Right now, there are 5 types of permissions in Blue:

  1. Admin - Can fully manage and delete anything.
  2. Member - Can add todos and create new projects.
  3. Client - Can add todos, view and comment inside project added, but can't create new projects.
  4. View Only - Can only view the project.
  5. Comment Only - Can only comment on todos, updates, and discussions in the project. 

Step 5: Customize your Company on Blue! 

Start adding the company's Logo and project pictures 

You can also set a company color for the entire company so anyone who's invited to Blue will be using the color that you've set! 

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