💵 Free Trial & Paid Plan

Free Trial

Blue comes with a 14-day free trial that allows you to test every feature and function of the platform without any restrictions.

After 14 days, the Company Owner will need to add a valid credit or debit card under Billing Settings so that the team can continue using the software. If payment is not made, the account will be locked until that's completed.

If you need more than 14 days to evaluate the platform, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to extend your trial! 😀


There are two paid plans in Blue, both which gives access to exactly the same feature set and give you unlimited projects, users, and file storage.

At Blue, we don't believe that software should be really expensive. We work (intelligently) hard to keep our costs low so that we ship the highest quality platform at the lowest possible cost to our customers.

This is why we offer unlimited projects, users, and file storage to all of our customers, for a low fixed price. Compared to the our competition, this is how we stack up cost-wise for a yearly subscription for a 100-person company:]Annual Subscription Cost of Competition vs Blue for 100 users.

Paid Plans

The only difference between the plan is when you pay, and how much you pay.

Monthly - $200/month

You'll be billed $200/month from the day your free trial ends. You can cancel at any time, and we won't bill you anymore from the day you cancel your account.

Yearly - $2000/year

If you decide that you are ready to commit to Blue for a longer time period, you can pay yearly upfront and receive a neat discount! However, you won't be able to cancel and receive a refund mid-way through your one-year subscription.

So instead of paying $2400 ($200 x 12 months) for one year of Blue, you'll only pay $2000 upfront, so you save yourself $400.

We think that's really awesome as you get to keep more cash in your wallet! 🤑

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