🗂 Projects

After you've successfully set up your company, the next step is creating projects.

Projects help compartmentalize different functions or services. If you're an agency, you can create one project for each client, with additional projects like Administration or Office Stuffs. For others, you may create projects based on departments and teams in your company. In each project, you can add team members and different stakeholders; this way, it's easier to define who is accountable.

✅ Create Project

You can create as many projects as you want in a company by click on the "New Project" button on the sidebar.

After creating your project, you may want to start creating process and adding todos. Check out our guide to defining columns in Boards and Todos.

🏡 Set Project Icon

Once you've entered the company's name, then select your new project, you can pick the symbol and color that represents the project! You can choose to skip this part and change to your preferred images or icon later. 

📥 Archive Project

Once a project is over, you can archive it so it doesn't crowd your project list.

In Blue, project administrators can archive and unarchive projects at your convenience. Once a project is archived, all todos, discussions, and updates are read-only, but you can add more people if you need to give access to the information inside the project.

To Archive a project, go to Settings > Archive Project. You can find all archived projects on sidebar. 😎

🗃 Templates

Creating templates from scratch can be time-consuming and it could take a while to get the template correctly that works for your company flow. 😉

Here at Blue, we are trying to be more efficient, creating simple yet effective tools for our users. Therefore, we’ve recently shipped out this new feature that helps solve hours and hours of creating the perfect template for your specific project.

With this feature, you can access to different templates either for your personal, company, teamwork gains. The current templates that we’ve recently created are truly essential to our work. See how it works and how it could help you achieve your targeted goal. ✅

🛠 How Templates Work in Blue 

The Click & Go function.

Templates are designed to just click and go, the perfect way to begin a project without creating any hassle by crafting a new template. These available project templates are designed to help solve Blue's problem and provide a more efficient way to start a project!

Users can simply just go for the “Blank project” or the “Use a template” option when starting a new project. Once you’ve selected the template, Blue will give you specific instructions or how the template will help you!

🗃 Project Folders 

Organize your project sidebar with folders! Start by creating a new folder and customize it by change color, rename, or re-arrange the order!

Drag and drop to add your projects into your folder. After organizing, click on the folder, and voilà your projects are looking cleaner than ever. 😉

Current project templates are available on Blue 

  • Account Payable 

This template helps you:

✅ Stay on track of payment due dates.

✅ Keep invoices in one place.

  • Account Receivable 

This template helps you:

✅ Stay on track of payment due dates.

✅ Keep invoices in one place.

  • Blog Content 

What this template does:

✅ Organize a productive workflow for blog creation.

✅ Collaborate seamlessly.

✅ Stay on track of blog schedules.

  • Event Management

This template helps you:

✅ Build a reliable event process.

✅ Manage event team and activities.

✅ Keep all information in one place.

  • Goal Tracking

This template helps you:

✅ Stay on track of goals.

✅ Keep the team on the same page.

✅ Track important achievements.

  • Personal Productivity

This template helps you:

✅ Organize daily tasks and plans.

✅ Keep track of goals.

✅ Stay on top of due dates.

  • Recruitment 

This template helps you:

✅ Organize recruitment workflows

✅ Keep CVs and documents in one place

✅ Align recruitment efforts across different teams

  • Sales CRM

This template helps you:

✅ Gives visual progress for all sales.

✅ Keeps files and prospects' information in one place.

✅ Makes collaboration seamless.

  • Social Media Content

What this template does:

✅ Creates a reliable timeline for social media posting.

✅ Defines a clear workflow.

✅ Collaborates effectively with team members.

  • Virtual Event Planning 

What this template does:

✅ Organize your event planning process

✅ Defines a clear workflow.

✅ Collaborates effectively with partners/sponsors. 

  • OnBoarding Team Member 

What this template does:

✅ Give space for a new team member to adjust.

✅ Create clear necessary items to start.

✅Keep all resources in one place.  

  • Reading List 

What this template does:

✅ Keep track of your reading materials.

✅Share the goodies with team members 

✅Let you enjoy ratings, comments about your thought process. 

  • Meeting Notes 

What this template does:

✅ Keep track of your meeting minutes.

✅Organize and keep taps of different meetings type. 

✅Keep your ideas in one spot. 

  • User Research

What this template does:

✅Track new updates, pain points from users. 

✅Stay on top of new updates 

✅ Collaborate seamlessly.

🗑Move or Delete Project

🛠How to Move Project

Simply drag & drop the project you want to move. Move up or down according to how to you want to organize your projects.  

🛠How to Delete a Project

🗑To delete a project 

  • Go to project 
  • Click on the project setting 
  • Select "Delete project"
  • Done! ✅

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