Do you often feel like you're running around the clock to get things done? Always feel like there's a deadline coming but could not wrap your head around the task? Well, you definitely need to plan better! And what's a better way to plan than to see a timeline view of your event or project so you know what's coming up?

We've introduced Calendars View so you can view your tasks according to when it's due or plan a campaign 3 months ahead. A Calendar view also can be a progress tracker that you use to see where you are in a project and where you can go from there.

⚒ How Calendar Works

🎚 Easy Switch

From Board View to Calendar view, click the dropdown bar on top right to switch... and Voila! 

📆 Change Todos Due Dates

Todos are shown on Calendar view according to their due dates. Either extending the due date or change the timeline of the todo completely, in Calendar, you can easily drag and drop the todo to the new dates. 

📌 Filter

Just like Boards, you can also Filter todos on Calendar based on Assignees, Tags, and Due Dates.

💡Click to Add Todos

Feel like you're missing a few details when looking at a project timeframe? No worries, we've got you covered! Just click on the date and type the todo.. simple as that 

👀 Click to watch a video on Calendar Overview 

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