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Communicating effectively with your team is an important formula for great productivity. At work, you want to foster quality discussions among members of your team, because they are the catalysts for diverse ideas and team bonds. Where teams hold those discussions is another story.

We stand for quality discussions among teams, and that's why in Blue you get to have a Discussions feature that is much better than using emails or social media channels. 

⚒ How Discussion Works

➕ Create Discussion

The idea of having a Discussion feature is to cut down on unnecessary emails sent back and forth among your teammates. If you need feedback on your event ideas or you need to express an opinion, you can easily share that in the Discussion tab. 😉

⬆️ Upload Files

Perhaps you need to share monthly sales report with your team, and documents sent via email usually get lost in the flow of many new emails everyday. In Blue's Discussion tab, you can upload necessary files attached to the discussion you want to make at the same time, so it's timely and convenient.

⬆️ Embed Youtube Videos 

This feature also allows you to preview the youtube video directly on Blue without opening a new tab 🥳 

😼 Choose where you want to embed the video by just pasting the youtube link on 
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