📋 Lists

Keeping a list ensures that we don't forget important details, like what to buy at the grocery store or the requests your mom made over the phone. Having a to-do-list makes us feel organized, and we can't deny that checking them off is satisfying.

While Boards gives a full view of workflow and todos, some people may prefer viewing their todos in a list. Blue has added a List View to todos so you can devour on the flexibility of getting things done the way you find efficient.

🛠 How Lists Work

🎮 Easy Switch

Same with Boards and Calendar view, you can switch to List View using the dropdown button next to Filter.

🧰 Sort by Alphabets

By default, lists follow the same order of your todo lists in Boards. But you can also sort alphabetically A-Z by clicking on the title. Click again to reverse alphabets from Z-A, and another click to it to go back to default. 

🏷 Filter by Tags

You can filter tags by clicking on it!  

🙋Filter by Assignees

Filter todos for an assignee by clicking on the Assignee's picture. You can un-filter by clicking on it again. 

✅ Mark as Complete

Like checklists, check a todo as completed as you go!

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