🤖 Automation

Automation feature is exactly how you’d understand the word “automation”: it automates your work process so repetitive, boring tasks are out of your work-stack. 🎉

If you get to save even 10 minutes per day from moving cards on your Kanban boards or resetting due dates, then you’d save approximately one hour every week. One hour in time sounds just fine, but repetitive tasks consume our brain power and create brain-clutter, so why not be more efficient and save that mental space for something more important?

Automation (a.k.a. the Blue Bot) gives you the superpower to make shift to the way repetitive tasks are handled - even better, they do those tasks for you. 😉Whether you need to automatically move tasks from one list to another, assign people by tags set, or setting a specific timeframe for tasks, Blue Bot is always up to it! 🚀

🛠 How Automations Work.

"When ___ , then ___ " Format

Think of automation as something similar to an excel "If" equation.

If (this item) happens, then (this item) happens.

For the first trigger, Blue Bot supports actions for these items:

  • Add or Remove Assignees
  • Add or Remove Tags
  • Add or Remove Start/Due Date
  • Move Todo to different list
  • New Todo Created
  • Todo Completed
  • Checklist Items Completed
  • Due date expired 
  • Create new checklist 
  • Copy todo to another project 
  • When copied from another project 
  • Send Email

For example:

"If a new todo is created in list Backlog, then assign Jane Jones."

"If all checklist items are marked complete, then mark todo as complete."

"If a tag "Bug" is added, then assign Bruce Wayne and set a due date to 10 days after trigger date."

"If a due date has expired, then change due date to 3 days from trigger date."

"If someone is assigned to a todo, then add a checklist" This will allow a new checklist to be automatically be created under the assigned todo. 

"If a todo is copied from another project, then assign someone in the project" 

"If a todo is moved to another list, then send an email" 

"If a tag is added to a todo, then copy the todo to another project"

From here you can select which project and what to be copied across 

  • Descriptions
  • Due date
  • Checklists
  • Assignees 
  • Tags 
  • Comment 
  • Custom fields  

Everything will be copied across to another project once a tag is added. 

Easy Access.

It's right on top of your Todo Board. 

Creating Automation.

It's important to note that only Project Admins can create or edit automation.
All project members can rip the benefits of automated workflow, but they can't make changes to the applied automation.

To create new automation:

  1. Go to the "Automation" button on top of your Todo board and click the + button to create.
  2. Choose your conditions "When___ , then___."
  3. Click "Create"

Disable/Enable Automation.

Once automations are applied to the project, you can enable or disable it from the pop-up page. 📌Note that when you disable an automation, the set condition won't apply the moment it is disabled. 

Edit or Delete Automation.

From the automation pop-up page, you can make changes to your set conditions or delete it completely. 📌Note that once your automation condition is deleted, it is permanent

😎 Example Uses.

  • Automatically move todo to "Done" list when it's marked complete.
  • Assign someone to tasks where a specific tag is set.
  • Set a deadline for 10 days when a tag "Bug" is added.
  • Assign people to tasks in a specific list.  📌 FAQ.

What if items set in automation are no longer available?

Say, if you set a condition like:
"When anew todo is created in list "Backlog", move todo to " In Progress" list"
And you accidentally or intentionally delete the "In Progress" list. In this case, Automations become null, meaning that it no longer applies. It's as if that automation is disabled. When this happens, you can either edit the set condition, delete an automation, or create a new list.
👉 But if your condition contains two triggers or above like:
"When a new todo is created in list "Backlog", move todo to "In Progress " list and assign Jane Jones ."
And list "In Progress" is deleted, then Blue Bot will only do the remaining action, which is assign Jane Jones.

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