🧩 Custom Fields

From adding phone numbers of customers in Sales CRM, to recording product prices, Todo's custom fields have you all covered.

Sometimes adding a mere description to a todo is not enough to cover the mini, peculiar details that are important. Custom Fields allow you to customize your Todo fields so it's better fitted to your work requirements.

You have an option of adding fields like a dropdown bar, phone numbers, URL, email addresses, and many more to your todo. Once you set a custom field to one todo, it automatically applies the field to other todos across the project.

🛠 How Custom Fields Work

Accessible from Todo Card

Manage your Custom Fields from your Todo. Once you've set a custom field to one todo, it will automatically apply to other todos across the project. 

Add a Title

This is the title of the field you want to create. 

Choose Fields Type

Once you add a name to the custom field, you can choose from several types of fields available.
  • Single Line Text & Multiple Line Text - This is a text-based field that allows you to add a short or long text to a todo. You may find a need to add Keywords to a blog task or Instructions to an operations manual.
  • Single Select - This field is a dropdown bar that allows you to select only one item from the options list. You are also required to add the options in before custom field is created.
  • Multiple Select - Similar to Single Select, this dropdown bar allows you to select multiple items from the options.
  • Checkbox - This allows you to add a custom checkbox item to your todo. You can only create one item at a time. This is useful for cases when a task needs approval or a compulsory step is needed to complete a task.
  • Star Rating - This allows you to add a rating scale to a task. Imagine a case where you have to make a purchasing decision from multiple suppliers, one way you could do it as a team is to provide your ratings based on interaction or experience.
  • Email - This field allows you to add an email. This is great for storing contact details.
  • Phone Number - You can add a country code and phone number in this field.
  • Number - The name says for itself, you can add a numeric value to this field.
  • Currency - You can choose your preferred currency and add a budget or pricing as needed.
  • Percentage - This field allows you to add percentages.
  • URL - This field contains website links. Once added a link, you can click on it to direct yourself there.
  • Unique IDs - This field allows for an auto-generated ID to your todo.
  • Location Custom field - You can now add multiple location custom fields to a todo. You can search for a place, drag and drop a pin on a map, or just enter the coordinates if you have them in hand. 
  • Files - This field allows you to upload multiple files at the same time. Upload the files by using the (+) sign or drag and drop to your custom field. You can also preview, download, or remove the files with ease.  
  • Country - This field allows you to select one or multiple countries to add to your todo! You can also check the country information about the capital, currency, or language while hovering on to select the country that you want. 

Custom Fields Files upload 

You can now attach multiple files to your todo using custom field with ease. Either by drag & Drop or add files, and all files will store neatly, under your Files tab as well. 

To remove the attached files, hover on the files and there will be a " ❌" click to remove! Also, you can preview the files by clicking on the " 👁️" button. 

To download the file, once again hover on the file you want and select the download button and you're set! 

Another way to upload files with custom field is to drag and drop from your computer! You can drag individual files or a folder! 

Deleting Custom Fields

There is a second step verification before your custom field is permanently deleted to reduce any chance of accidents. 

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