Notifications are an incredibly important part of modern teamwork and communication. If there are too many notifications, they stop being useful, but at the same time you don't want to miss something really important from your boss, colleague, or client. 😭

We've created a really smart and easy-to-use notification system that puts you in control of when, how, and what you receive as notifications. We believe this will help you reduce information overload, and focus on what really matters to you. 👌

We've made a quick (106 seconds long!) video that explains exactly how notifications work. 

If you want a more in-depth explanation of how notifications work, feel free to continue reading.

✅Types of Notifications

At Blue, we offer a few types of notifications:


We'll send you an email each time something that you need to be notified about happens. Depending on the notification, this will look something like this:

🧭Web App

When you're using Blue on the web, you'll see notifications on the bottom right of your screen each time something that you've subscribed to happens.


If you enable desktop notifications via your browser, you'll then receive notifications on your Mac or Windows device each time something important happens. If you have one of our Desktop apps installed, then the notification will open in the Desktop app. If you don't have one of our Desktop apps installed, then clicking on the notification will simply open a new browser tab. 


On mobile, if you've turned on notifications, you'll get a push notification each time something that you've subscribed to happens. 

👋Sidebar Indicators

On the sidebar, you might often see badges with numbers next to My Todos and also next to a project name:

  • The badge next to My Todos shows you how many incomplete todos you have right now.
  • The badge next to the project name shows how many new things have happened since the last time you went into that project. This is a great way to see, at a glance, if anything new has happened while you were away from Blue. 

⚙️️Notification Settings

😴On & Off

We give you the ability to turn notifications completely off if you want. This works instantly across all your devices, even your mobile phone! That's perfect for the weekends, when you are on holiday, or simply if you need to focus and work deeply for a couple of hours.

When you turn your notifications back on, all your old settings are remembered so you can continue working exactly how you normally do

🤷How Do You Want to Be Notified?

We know that everyone works a little bit differently, and that's why we give you full control over which notifications you want to receive, and also how you want to receive them.

We start you off with some default settings that email you only when really important things happen (like when you're @mentioned), but feel free to customize your notification settings to your liking. 

🙋🏻Which Projects Do You Want To Follow?

We know that not all projects are created equal! Sometimes, you're in a project because you need to be able access certain data or see the status of the project, but you don't really need to be notified each time something happens.

This is why we allow you to turn notifications off for specific projects:

🔕 Notification on Blue Web App 🔔

In some situations, you turn on your notification on Blue Web App within the app but, you block "notification" on your google chrome, and to fix it you can follow the steps down below. 😉 If you need a break from Blue Web App but still want to get notified on the mobile app, you can turn block notifications on Blue Web App. This will help you block out notifications during work, but you still get alerts on your phone. 📲

🛠 How To Turn On/Off Blue Notification

You can allow Blue notification Blue Web App through the Google chrome setting. 

  • Go to app.bloo.io
  • Click on the lock button near the URL 
  • Select 'Allow' Notification 


  • 'Block' Notification if you don't want to get notified on Blue Web App.  

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