📱Download the Blue App

We have apps available for all major platforms:

Installing Blue on Chrome Browser:

  • Go to https://app.blue.cc/ on Google Chrom
  • On the right side of URL, click "Install"

  • 🔔📲 Notification on Apps

    Once you had downloaded the App, don't forget to turn on notifications so that you never miss out on any tasks or interactions with your team members. 😉

    🛠How to Turn on Notification on Apps


    • Go to your phone setting 
    • Search for Blue on the top bar or go to notification scroll for Blue. 
    • Click on 'Allow Notification' to enable it.
    • Select the alert system for the options of 'lock screen' 'Notification center, or Banners'
    • Also, click on the white dot next to 'Badge' to see the red dot on Blue App if you miss the alert system. 

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