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Import & Export feature is freshly developed for users to import and export CSV files straight to their project. Work directly on Blue, using this feature to enhance the working flow in your company. 😁

We are able to upload hundreds of thousands of your data on Blue making working as a team much simpler to manage by working directly on Blue. No more scattering data around, it will always be available on Blue!  🎉

In addition to working directly on Blue, Import & Export also supports Custom Field mapping that can allocate each column to their particular field. 

How Import & Export Work 🛠

Importing CSV files on “Setting” Icon. Select Import and upload thousands of rows/records on Blue.

After importing, organize your data by selecting custom field features to match your files. 

You can also easily cancel your upload on Blue without going back deleting those files. Making sure the correct file is being imported.  😉

📹 Video Tutorial 

Once you have imported your files, you can freely edit your files based on 
  • List 
  • Description 
  • Custom fields 
  • Assignees 
  • Checklist 

All the edits will be also be updated when you decide to export your files, it will automatically fall in place that you made changes to. 

Example uses 
  • Custom field features including “Rating”, “Checkbox”, Percentage”, you can add as many custom fields you want! 
  • Another cool feature is that you can create a template based on your project arrangement for later repurpose! 
  • You can also download your project as a template!
Not only importing but we also make exporting CSV files simple with just one click. No hassle on all the changes you make will be automatically saved and logged on Blue. 👏 

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