🔬 Advanced Filters

Imagine having thousands of todo and you’re looking for a specific todo that has that specific email address but don’t want to scan through each and every todo, now you can easily search with advanced filters with just a few simple clicks. 😉

🛠 How to use Advanced Filter Search 

To get started, make sure that your board should at least have an email, phone number, links custom field. Advanced filter search relies heavily on your custom field in order to look for the todo that you want. 

Click on the Filter Button and the drop-down is where you add the field, condition, and value of what you’re looking for 

Click on “Field” this will show all the custom fields you have within the project, and you can select what you want to filter. For example; Email

⚙️ Here you can choose your condition which could be 

  • Is not empty 
  • Is empty 
  • Is equal to 
  • Is not equal to 
  • Is many 

These conditions allow you to select how specific you want your filter search to be 

👀 Here is a quick example of how to use filter search with Email 

  • Choose your Email Field,
  • Then add a conditional filter “Is Equal to” 
  • Type in your Value “[email protected]lue.cc” 
  • Press enter to see all the todos instantly disappear to only show the ones that have the specific Email that is John@blue.cc

You can definitely do the same thing with a different field, for example, URL/Link field, you want to look for a web address that you’ve added to one of the todos but couldn’t remember the exact, choose the condition to “MAYBE” and enter the keywords that you’ve got, it will instantly show any todo with custom fields and value.

📝 Add More Filter 

You can also add more field for a more advanced and easier look! For example, if the todo has custom fields with the value that you’re looking for, either 2 or 3 more you can add more filter search (as many as you want)  😉

📹 Watch the Video 

You can also choose to watch a short video on our Advance filter search! 

Have fun filtering and sorting out your todos! Reach us by h[email protected] if there’s any questions or concern! 💙

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