📆 Calendar Syncing

It’s time to sync your Blue todos and calendar to your personal calendar for better organization and your own personal productivity. It only takes a few seconds for the todos to pop up on your calendar after you have linked it! 💨

🛠 How to Integrate your Blue Calendar 

Let’s start with Calendar View of the overall company, there you will see the “Sync Calendar” option, click on it and there should be a link popup, hover on the link and you can copy it to apply to your calendar of choice. 

🍎 Let’s start with Apple iCal

  • Go to your Calendar on your Mac  
  • Click on files setting and select New Calendar subscription
  • With the link that you had just copied, paste it on the Calendar link box 
  • And click subscribe! Change up your setting either having appeared every 5 minutes or 10 it depends on your references, once you’ve made select all of the settings 
  • Wait a few seconds and your Blue Calendars todo will appear on your daily iCalendar! 

🌈 Google Calendar

Let’s take a look at how you can sync Blue calendar with Google Calendar

If google calendar is something that you work with every single day, and you would want your todos from your project or company calendar to appear on your google calendar keeping everything in one place! Here is how you can add Blue to your google calendar. 

  • First, Go to your Google Calendar 
  • And then Click Add Calendar on your left side 
  • Select from the URL paste the link that you had just copied from Blue to the box and click Add Calendar! 
  • Within a few seconds, your Todos from your Project Calendar will appear! 

💌 Outlook 

Let’s sync Blue with your outlook calendar! 

  • Open your Outlook mailbox and then Click on Open Calendar
  • Select the text  “From the internet”
  • With the link that you had just copied, paste it on the box
  • Wait a few seconds and your selected Blue Calendar will appear on your Outlook! 

📹 Watch the video

Choose the watch a quick video on how to integrate Blue with your personal calendar!

Remember that, you can also sync from a specific project and not just your overall company keeping the priority straight or having just a cleaner look at your daily calendar of choice! We hope that the integration can help save you some time and keep everything organized!💙

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