🔁 Repeating Todos

Automate your daily workflow with repeating todo! Set your repeating todo for daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly routine based on any schedule you want. This way you will never miss out on any tasks, and the team will always be reminded of a new todo, it will also help save you time from spending every day creating todo making work easier and smoother. 🏃♂️

How to use repeating todo 🛠

  • Create your todo that you would like to repeat 
  • Click on the top left corner of the todo 
  • And select the “Repeat” option 

😉 Once you’re in the repeating todo feature, there are a few things that you can do! 

  • Make a specific todo repeat itself (i.e. get created again) in a specific project.
  • You can choose a specific schedule (i.e. Daily/Weekly/Monthly, and so on).
  • You can also choose what should be copied across in the newly create todo from the current todo
    • Assignees
    • Tags
    • Custom Fields
    • Checklist
    • Comments
    • Description
  • You can also set a condition to stop the todo repeating after a particular date or a certain number of repetitions. 

🚨 When finishing up your repeating todo setting, don't forget to check the summary section to make sure that you've got the correct setting that you prefer! 

Your Schedule Option 📆

  • Daily: the todo will repeat every single day including the weekend
  • Weekly: the todo will repeat every week on the day that you selected 
  • Weekday: the todo will repeat every day of the week (Mon-Fri)  
  • Monthly: the todo will repeat once a month on the day that you selected 
  • Yearly: the todo will repeat once a year on the day you choose
  • Custom: the advance selection on the day/week/month that you choose to repeat! You also have the option to end the repeating todo on which day or after it has been repeated a few times.

Custom (Advance) Repeating ⚙️

If you prefer to have your own date that matches your schedule, meetings reminders, etc. 

Use our custom repeating todo option where you select specific dates, weeks, or month. You will also have the ability to choose when to end on which date or after the todo has repeated a certain amount of time! 

How to stop repeating todo! ❎

You can easily stop repeating todo once you think that you’re ready

  • Go back to the original todo where you select to repeat the todo 
  • Click on the repeat icon(gif below) 
  • Click on the option “Stop repeating”
  • And we will ask you to confirm the process and done!
  • Your todo will no longer be repeated

Watch the video 🎥

You can also watch a quick video on repeating todo!

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