💻 Database View

A completely new way to view your project data. Filter, sort, and splice your data in the database view, where each custom field becomes a column. The fastest way to export your data, navigating through your todos with custom fields with Database View. 👏

🛠 How Database View work 

Start by switching your current view to the Database view, there you will see the todos appear as a database, and your custom field will act as columns.

In the Database view, you have the ability to reorder, resize or hide your columns 

Not only that but the first columns of the database will always stick as you scroll horizontally when you pin it making it the smoothest work view ever! 

✍️ Editing on Database View 

 What you can do

  • Edit Todo title
  • Adding/removing tags
  • Assigned/unassign members 
  • Set due date
  • Edit your custom fields!  

👨💻 Grouping Your Todos 

Group your todos by list, tags, people, and also by custom field attributes, this way it will give you a much easier view with the proper dropdown. 

🧲 Filtering Database View 

You can use all the filter options like due dates, tags, assignees, filter, and sort with Database View. 

Watch Dataview Video 🎥

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