⏰ Reminders

Quickest and easiest way to remind yourself to stay on top of all your todos! If you're overwhelmed with all of your tasks, the best way to manage your priority is to always go back to tasks that you need to complete. Set todo reminders for later today, tomorrow, or later in the week, or select the day that you prefer! Setting up this workflow will allow you to prioritize your work and complete your tasks with ease. 

🛠 How to use Reminder 

Here is step by step on how you set up a reminder for your todo cards 

  • Go to your todo
  • Click on the "Clock button" top right of the todo card 
  • Choose when you want to get back to the todo
    • Later today
    • Tomorrow
    • Later this week
    • This weekend
    • Next week
    • or Pick a date and time! 

Once you've set your todo reminder, hover over it to make sure that it is correct. If it's not correct, click on the clock again to delete and restart! 

🤔 After setting the reminder  

What to expect after you've set the reminder? 

On the selected date that you've picked, you will get an email notification and a push notification on Mobile/desktop that the todo will need your attention! 

Get back to the tasks when you're ready, or if you need more time, proceed to follow the same steps above. 

To remove the reminder, simply hover on it and select delete from the alert message! Once you've hit the delete, you won't receive any other notification. 

🚨 Choose where you want to get notified 

If you decide only to want to receive from mobile/desktop or email, you can always pick and choose in the notification setting.

Note, by default, both will be selected. 

👀 Watch the video 

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