🖇 Todo Dependencies

Connect todos through todos dependencies. This will allow you to build a structured workflow by letting the tasks depend on each other until completion—link the customer todos with internal todos to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken care of. 

🛠 How Todo Dependencies work 

Todo dependencies are helpful when you need to organize your workflow and allow tasks to rely on each other and set up your priority correctly thus saving time on projects.

There are two types of dependencies

  • Blocking - This todo is blocking other todo, you should complete this todo first before starting the other todo. 
  • Blocked By - Another todo is blocking this todo, until you complete the other todo then you should start this todo. 

🛠 How to set todos dependencies 

Let’s say that you want to complete “Todo 1” before starting “Todo 2”

  • Go to that Todo 1 and click on the dependencies space under Tags.
  • Add dependency by selecting the Blocking option this means that Todo 1 will block the selected todo. 
  • Select the todo you want to Todo 1 to Block 
  • Click Add. 

Now you have successfully set todo dependencies, you can check under Todo 2 to confirm. The Todo 2 will have the dependencies already set up as Blocked by Todo 1. 

Let’s take a look at how to set a blocked by dependencies 

Say that you’re on Todo 2, and you want you and your team to complete Todo 1 first you can simply:

  • Go to Todo 2 and click on the dependencies space under Tags. 
  • Add Block by dependencies to make sure that this task is blocked until the selected todo is complete. 
  • Select the todo you want to complete 
  • Click Add.

The tasks will now remain locked and until to mark completion until Todo 1 is completed.

If you would like to quickly update the dependencies without selecting the todo, you can click on the “Blocking” or “Blocked by” option and reselect to update the dependencies of the tasks.

When you're trying to mark the todo complete that is blocked by another todo, there will be a warning pop-up that you complete this without completing the blocking task first. 

🗑 How to remove dependencies

To completely remove the dependencies between the tasks, you can click on the todo that you want to unlink and click on the dependencies option drop-down to select “Remove”.

Each dependency will be logged under activity, so you can keep track of your tasks making sure that they are in the correct flow. 

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