🏡 White Label

Enhance your brand's reputation by customizing your company with a white label option, and impress your clients or members by customizing Blue with your brand identity, including your logo, colors, and URL. 

🛠 How to get white label

Keep in mind that white label is only available for enterprise licenses or as add-on purchases. 

🌍 Set up your custom domain 

After you have made the payment to set up your custom domain on Blue Company, we will send you instructions on how to configure your DNS.

Example: Add a "CNAME" record for the subdomain you want to use for Blue (e.g. "app") pointing to "blue-app.onrender.com". 

Once you have made the necessary DNS changes, let us know and we will verify and activate the domain for you. After we activate your custom domain, you will be able to sign in to Blue using your own domain.

Note: If you have any conflict, delete the "A" record for the subdomain (e.g. "app") to avoid this. 


  • Can I use a custom domain on mobile?
    • Unfortunately, we don't support this yet but it is a feature that we will be adding soon.
  • How much for an add-on white label? 
    • White label add-on for Blue business is $200/month. You may contact sales to grab this offer. 
  • What features can be white-labeled in Blue? 
    • Color, replacement of blue logo everywhere, and your own custom domain link. 
  • When will the full white-labeled version be available? 
    • This is coming soon! Once it is here, we will send out an email announcement to every custom domain users. 

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