👋 @mentions

@mentions are an awesome and sure-fire way to get the attention of a particular person to a todo, comment, discussion, or status update. Even people who are in the project but have turned notifications off for that particular project will be notified if you @mention them! 😎

To @mention someone, simply type @ to see a list of everyone in the project, or then start typing the first few letters of a person's first or last name to get a suggestion list of people: 

FYI: You can only @mention people who are in that particular project. If a person is not in the project, then they will not show up in the drop down suggestion list of people you can @mention. 

@mentions Page

This is where you can find all @mentions notifications. The most recent @mention appears first on the page, and just like all other notifications, you can click on any @mention to be directed to it. 

Recent mention 📣

Recently added to @mention on Blue is “Recent mention” ⏱

Instead of scrolling to find where you were mentioned, you can now access to your most recent mentions on @mention! This newly added feature allows you to see the latest notification for you! It’s easier to find and catch up with what you were missing! 

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