🤗 People Management

It's important for a company to define who are the main stakeholders of a project and add them into Blue. People are added into a project based on 5 roles


An Admin has full access to every action within a project. They can fully manage and has the authority to delete anything.


A Member can access all activities in a project, create todos, and create new projects, but cannot delete anything within the project.


This feature is specially designed for agencies you need to add their clients into a project for better collaboration. Clients only have access to the project they are added in and cannot create new projects. When you give Client access, the person will not be able to delete other member's todo or create a new list. 

👀 View Only

When you give View Only access, the person added can only view details in a project but they cannot edit or add new todos.

📤 Comment Only

With Comment Only access, members can only view and comment. 😎

🧐 Now you've added people in... What's Next?

📲 Automatic Email Invitations

Once people are added into the project, they will receive an email that allows them to accept the invitation.

📩 Pending Invitations

Pending Invitations to join a project will appear in the People Tab. From there, you can click resend the invitation (which will also extend the invite for a week) or delete the invitation.

👋 Leaving the Project

If you need to leave a project at any point, there's a small door on the right side of your name in People. Simply click that... but make sure you say goodbye. 🙂

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