💻Install Blue on desktop/mac/windows

The benefits of having the Blue on your Desktop are full-screen mode, notification within the app, and availability right on the dock (one click to Blue). 😉

🛠 To install Blue on your desktop, simply follow these instructions

Go to https://app.blue.cc/ on Google Chrome (unfortunately, this won't work on Firefox or Safari ☹️) 

On the right of the URL, click “Install” 📥

Once you've installed your Blue app, you will be automatically logged in! 😎

FAQ ⁉️

🛍 Why Blue isn’t on Mac AppStore or Windows Store? 

We don’t have a native app on AppStore/Windows Store is because Blue is developed as a web app project management tool. Which allow us to have more flexibility when it comes to users issue or require immediate updates. 

Blue is running through an internet connection to access the platform, also why we don’t have a native app available on Mac/Windows. 🌐

📲 Can I install Blue on my mobile device? 

Yes! You can install Blue on your iPhone/Android as native apps through AppStore & Google Play.

🔔 If it’s on google chrome, what happened if I get notifications? 

Like many browsers, the notifications setting for Blue is based on the Google chrome setting. You can enable notifications, on your browser, and it will pop up within your web app on the bottom right corner. If you haven't installed the Blue app on your desktop, it will automatically open another browser window if you click on the notification. 

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